How To Get A Russia E Visa Online

Russia E Visa


Traveling around the world always requires a passport and visa. The visa must be approved by the country you are traveling to. If you happen to be going to Russia soon, you will need to have a visa for that country. You can apply for one electronically if you want to. Getting a Russia e visa is a very simple process. They provide you with an application online that you can fill out and submit. As with all these applications, you do need to have a valid passport. The passport must not be expiring six months or less prior to the application being sent in.

How Does This Process Work?

You will be applying for a single entry visa. This means it will be for the trip that you will be on. You will need to use this within 30 days of its approval. It will cost about $90, depending upon what country you are from, and there is also a processing fee to get this done. You will need to submit an invitation that you have received to go to Russia. This will be along with a passport photograph, passport, the fees, and the form that you are submitting. The processing fee is a written out to the Russian Embassy. In a period of several weeks, you will receive your approval.

Where Can You Travel With This Visa?

This electronic visa will allow you to travel to some of the more popular destinations in Russia. There are far eastern regions that are included, plus you can also visit Petersburg. However, you will not be able to travel to Moscow, or areas like Sochi, as this will require a standard visa for this type of travel. If you are ready to travel to St. Petersburg or other areas of Russia that the Russia e visa will allow, you should start submitting your information today.…