4 Things A Brick Fireplace Offers


Many house buyers consider fireplaces as an asset, particularly ones who are on the market searching for houses. A brick fireplace and its matching chimney add value to a home, and the installment is a focal point in interior design. So assemble those fireplace bricks and experience the four things a fireplace offers to the household.  

The Warmth of a Fire

There is no electric heating appliance in the world that can replicate the kind of cozy warmth you can get from a crackling fire. Especially during the cold winter months, a fireplace provides a place for your family and friends to gather around, watch the jumping sparks and dancing flames, enjoy a cup of hot chocolate, talk about times long past, and enjoy a whole host of other indoor activities. Enjoy heat even when electricity is knocked out. 

Gathering around the fireplace with your loved ones is such an iconic sight, and is an undeniable pleasure. 

A Romantic Setting 

Few simple things are as romantic and dreamy as when you and your significant other cuddles in front of the fireplace while watching its flames wax and wane. You can also stretch out on a rug, or have a romantic dinner in front of the hearth. A fireplace allows for a romantic setting without needing to go anywhere outside the house. 

Environment-Friendly Heating

Unlike the highly-unsustainable fossil fuels such as coal and kerosene, wood is no question more eco-friendly and sustainable. Of all possible energy sources you can utilize to heat your home, wood-burners leave little to no carbon footprint, and therefore, contributes a little to no amount of pollution. 

Another Kitchen

Meals would not be a problem even when the electricity is out since a fireplace will still allow you to cook. An open hearth will enable you to roast some marshmallows and hotdogs on sticks. If your furnace is big enough, you can even place a large kettle on top of the fire for heating drinks such as water for your soups and coffee. Save up on utility costs; use the heat from your fireplace as another kitchen. 

A fireplace bolsters a home’s architectural elegance and vitality while providing some benefits that cannot be replicated by electric heaters. The charm of the hearth and its fireplace bricks cannot be understated, but keep in mind that they are potential fire hazards. Be careful when around a flaming hearth, and stay safe while enjoying the quaint feeling it brings.