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ESTA Visa USA: What You Should Know


ESTA is short for Electronic System Travel Authorization. If you’re not from America and plan on going there, then you’ll want to learn more about the ESTA visa USA. Below is some helpful information that will teach you more about the ESTA visa.

What Is An ESTA And Who Needs One
An ESTA is a system that authorities use to determine whether or not visitors are eligible to travel to the United States under the VWP, short for the Visa Waiver Program. Most people who are going to the United States via air or sea will need to apply for an ESTA visa. This is even the case for those who are only passing through. If you don’t have an ESTA visa, then you might not be able to board the plan or you could be sent home.

You Apply For It Online
You have to apply for an ESTA online, and this is the only way to do it. If you don’t have access to the internet, then you’ll have to go somewhere that allows you to access the internet. There is no other way to apply for an ESTA visa.

You provide basic information about yourself and your travels. As for how long it takes to complete the application, it is fast. Generally speaking, it shouldn’t take you a longtime to fill out the application and submit it.

How Much Does It Cost
If your ESTA visa application is approved, then you’ll pay $14 for each approved application. If you’re rejected, then you’ll pay $4 for each application. If you have a family of four and each application is approved, then $56 is what you will pay.

It Needs To be Renewed
You do have to renew your ESTA every two years, because this is when it expires. Also, if you lose your passport, then you will also need to reapply for an ESTA. If you’re not sure if your ESTA visa is still valid, then you can visit the ESTA website and check the current status.

It Doesn’t Guarantee Entry
It’s important to note that an ESTA doesn’t guarantee entry. Just because you get approved for one does not mean you’ll automatically be allowed to enter and stay in the United States. Immigration officers will be the one deciding if you are allowed to enter.

An ESTA visa USA is relatively easy to get. You should apply for an ESTA as soon as possible. Now you know more about what an ESTA visa is, how to get it and how much you can expect to pay.

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