The Difference Between Transmission Repair and Rebuild

Prevention is better than cure; that’s the saying in the medical field. This saying is also true with every aspect of life, even in cars. Having a regularly scheduled preventive maintenance for your vehicle is essential. More than the replacement of engine oil, car transmission services are much more critical. Transmission is the heart of every car, and having it checked regularly is necessary to keep your car alive. 

Repair vs. Rebuild

We all know having problems with a car’s transmission can be costly and risky. Once you find out the problem is with the transmission, another conclusion has to be drawn: which service do I need to acquire? There are a few options for transmission services. Each varies with cost, quality, and the duration of the service. Listed below are two of the few options:

  • Transmission Repair

A transmission repair offers a replacement or repair of a specific part of the transmission. For example, there is a leak of transmission fluid, or the shaft may be broken; a repair may be perfect for this kind of problem. A repair could solve your transmission issues in the meantime, but there is a risk of having something in the transmission fail in the long run. Yes, this could save you a lot of money, but there is always a possibility of having another issue other than your sole problem.

  • Transmission Rebuild

Unlike a transmission repair, a rebuild is an excellent option for most cases.  It is one where the entire transmission is removed, inspected, rebuilt, and reinstalled. What’s good in rebuilding is that you can reconstruct an older transmission and set it to factory standards. 

Damaged parts, made of steel and aluminum, are replaced and are reassembled to factory specifications; these are called the hard parts. Other components such as internal and external gaskets, seals, clutches, and bands are also replaced; these are called the soft parts. 

Rebuilding sounds so complicated, which is why a transmission specialist is required for this type of service. This would cost more than a transmission repair, but it is guaranteed to be more efficient. 

Where To Get a Transmission Rebuild

It is really difficult to find a perfect repair shop that specializes in transmission rebuilding. You have to make sure that the shop has a specialist that can perform this complicated service. In St Louis, there are more than 50 repair shops that specialize in rebuilding. So, if you’re still uncertain about where to get a car transmission rebuild St Louis could be the perfect place for you.