Top 4 Museums to Visit in Canada 

Canada is a country with a rich history and culture. If you have the opportunity to go eta kanada, you shouldn’t miss out on the multitude of museums that the country has to offer. If you don’t know where to start, here is a list of the best four museums to visit in Canada.


  1. Royal Ontario Museum (Toronto, Ontario)


In our opinion, the best museum to visit in Canada is the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto. This museum is regularly visited by school children and visitors that are new to the country. This museum is packed with exhibitions of natural history and culture with six million pieces. If you want to see an impressive dinosaur fossil collection, then this is the place to be!


The Royal Ontario Museum change their exhibitions routinely. So make sure to check out their website so you can plan your tour according to the exhibition schedule that interests you the most.


  1. Montreal Museum of Fine Arts (Montreal, Quebec)


Located in Montreal, Quebec, the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts is the first museum of Canada. It’s the best museum to visit if you want to see a vast collection of classic and contemporary visual art. The museum features art from Inuit and First Nations national artists, European impressionists, and the Group of Seven, a group of Canadian landscape painters in the 1920s to the early 1930s.


  1. The Hockey Hall of Fame (Toronto, Ontario)


In Canada, hockey is a big deal. Everybody loves hockey, and a big chunk of the population is actually obsessed with the sport. If you want to learn more about why hockey is so famous in the country and who are the hall-of-famers, visit the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto. This museum, albeit untraditional, pays homage to the finest hockey athletes of all time.


If you enjoy watching or playing hockey, you will surely be inspired by visiting the museum of the sport’s greatest.


  1. Canada Science and Technology Museum (Ottawa, Ontario)


If you’re not leaning towards art nor hockey, the Canada Science and Technology Museum may be the best option for you. The museum features a lot of amazing exhibits that showcase science and technological developments in the country, with a lot of interactive attractions.…