Finding the Best Rental Tents for Weddings

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The wedding reception is where people get together to share this wonderful moment for the newlywed couple. Most couples want their wedding receptions indoors, while others go the extra mile. Isn’t it fun to conduct the reception outdoors? Like the beach or a garden? But what would they do if it suddenly rains?


Tent Rentals for Wedding Receptions 

Tents are the perfect choice for an outdoor wedding reception because of the comfort and protection it gives from sudden rain, or the intense heat of the afternoon sun. There are many styles and designs for wedding tents. Here are a selected few that are perfect for this occasion.


  • Marquee Tents

These are versatile tents that are perfect even for a very small wedding reception. It can house ten people up to 80 people. The design of a marquee tent is perfect for a sunny day, but it has marquee walls that are on standby in the event a downpour would happen.


  • Tidewater Tents 

These are tents draped with strong material used for making sails for ships. It is stylish and lets in natural light during day time. It is beautifully elegant and perfect for weddings. It has fashioned peaks and great roof space, keeping your wedding reception well-ventilated. It has different sizes that can house 50-400 guests.


  • Clear Span Tents

These tents have no interior poles and very minimal structure in the ceiling. It is perfect for wedding receptions because you can maximize the space inside the tent and allows you to make the theme or design with very minimal obstructions inside. It can house 70-350 guests.


  • Festival Tents

These tents are somehow similar to Tidewater Tents, but it has no interior poles and very few perimeter poles, which make it very spacious for your guests. It has an interior height of 26 feet, which gives that raised-up feel when you are inside. Festival tents can house 40-450 guests.

You can rent any of these tents according to the number of your guests. It comes in different sizes and capacities. It would be a great idea if you would contact party rentals AZ. Get more than one type of tent, and make a great combination of designs for your reception ideas!