Top 4 Vineyards to Visit in California


Carolina is famous for having some of the best wines in the world. Many tourists flock to this country to savor the incredible taste of various wines. Are you curious about where they are grown? Here are the top four vineyards to visit in California. Make sure to process your εστα to make the visit possible!


Clos Pegase Vineyards


Famous architect Michael Graves designed the Clos Pegase Vineyards. He used both postmodern and ancient architectural designs to feature the luxurious lifestyle in Napa Valley. In here, you will get the chance to taste the most extravagant taste of wine, and able to witness the variety of arts in the background. You can see a variety of fountains, sculptures, and other artworks by different artists around the world.


Address: Clos Pegase Winery and Tasting Room, 1060 Dunaweal Lane, Calistoga, California

Contact Number: + 1 707 942 4981


Quivira Vineyards


Quivira Vineyards is one of the known organic vineyards in California. It supplies local restaurants with their harvests that are proven fresh and safe. If you visit the place, you can tour around the area and see not just vineyards but also some heirloom honeybees, chickens, other farm animals. Lastly, Quivira Vineyards is powered through solar energy and a big part of Coho salmon habitat restoration.


Address: 4900 West Dry Creek Road, Healdsburg, California, USA

Contact Number: +1 707 431 8333


Lula Cellars


Lula Cellars, despite being small-production, offers is a premium winery in California. It is located in the ‘Deep End’ of Anderson Valley. It is being handled by Jeff Hansen, a 30-year wine veteran, producing high-quality wines at a reasonable price by selling directly to customers. It is also a pet-friendly tasting room and quite a sleepy atmosphere that will give you a unique experience.


Address: Lula Cellars, 2800 Guntly Road, Philo, California

Contact Number: +1 707 895 3737


Swanson Vineyards


Visiting Swanson Vineyards feel like living in the 19th Century in Paris. Mostly known as Swanson Salon locally, it is lead by skilled personnel in caviars, cheeses, and bonbons. Meaning, the salon will pair your wine with its perfect match. The Swanson Salon has been visited by most exceptional talents like Thomas Britt, a famous interior designer, Ira Yeager, a California painter, and many more.


Address: Swanson Vineyards, 1271 Manley Lane, Rutherford, California

Contact Number: +1 707 754 4018…