A Beginner’s Guide to Sales Automation

In a sales process, tasks are done in a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Doing these tasks repetitively consume time and reduces the productivity of the ones doing them. Now here’s the good news: Sales automation can help you with that. Continue reading to know more about it.

About Sales Automation

Sales automation uses software programmed to do the tasks that are done repeatedly in each day, week, or month, even on certain events, if programmed to do so. This system can save a lot of time and effort from doing the same tasks repeatedly. Also, it boosts productivity, accuracy, and the overall sales process, thereby reducing or eliminating risks for human errors.

Automated Tasks

The following tasks use automation in the sales process:

1.Assigning of Leads. You can set criteria for when leads get connected to a sales rep. Leads can be assigned by location (zip code, city, state), type of product, nearest salesperson to them, etc. You can also use one or two criteria at the same time.

2.Sales manager’s notification (if necessary). You can automate for a notification to be sent in cases where a sales manager is needed along the sales process (i.e., sales-related activity, failure of a sales rep).

3.Prioritizing Leads. You can make your criteria wherein the leads are scored based on their activity (i.e., visited the page, opened the email, click on the link, etc.). From this, you would be able to filter and prioritize leads within your sales process.

4.Automatic Sales Alerts. When your lead makes a certain action, you can set for an automatic alert, so the salesperson is notified, and tasks are automatically shown to provide the lead with options to take for the next action (i.e., Call back, email, text).

5.Automatic Reports. Reports on the number of calls made, awaiting follow-ups, and meetings can be set to be automatically sent to the sales manager.  These reports would allow him to keep track of the happenings in the sales process. You can also set for sales reports to be sent to your email on a defined frequency (i.e., daily, weekly, monthly).


There’s so much you can do in using the sales automation technique which will save you and your team a lot of time. This way, your sales team can focus more on the main marketing activities and not worrying too much about the other things that can be done by this software.

Check this site to learn more about other things that can be automated: https://spinmodern.com/sales-automation/