Canadian Visa Photo Requirements for Travelers

Are you planning to spend a vacation in Canada? There are plenty of destinations in Canada for tourists to discover, relax, and enjoy. For einreise kanda, you must apply for a Canadian visa ahead of time. While other foreign embassies in countries across the globe require people to visit their institution, you may apply for a Canadian visa online instead. One of the essential elements in a Canadian visa that a tourist should comply with is the I.D. picture.


Here are the following photo requirements for a Canadian visa:


Picture Size

–    Height is equal to 45 millimeters; length is equal to 35 millimeters.



–    Face should be within the frame.

–    Face should look directly forwards.

–    The angle of the face is perpendicular to the frame.

–    Face should have a neutral expression.

–    The mouth should be closed.

–    Eyes should be open and look natural, not forced.

–    Hair should not obstruct the eyes.

–    Facial expressions, such as smiling or frowning, are not allowed.



–    Apply only moderate amounts of makeup.

–    Face should look natural; unnatural makeup may lead to security issues.



–    Wear colored shirts that do not match with the background color.

–    Background color should be plain; no unnecessary distractions allowed.

–    Background color should be light; color white is the most preferable.



–    The photograph must be taken within the last six months.

–    The face on the picture should match to the face of the real person.


Additional Reminders on Eyewear and Post-Production


You may be asking about the rules on wearing eyeglasses. Canadian visa does not allow pictures of people who are wearing glasses. You must remove your eyeglasses before having your face taken by the camera. Firstly, the quality of the picture could be affected by the light that bounces off your glasses when the flash blinks. Lastly, heavily tinted eyeglasses and sunglasses may pose a security risk since the picture does not show your eyes. In that case, your Canadian visa application will automatically be rejected.


When it comes to post-production, there should not be any traces of editing. Editing of the face is also prohibited as well as Photoshop for lighting. If editing is needed, the picture must look natural and realistic.